Capsules delivering multiple flavors

| June 25, 2014

KT&G has launched on the South Korean market a capsule-filter cigarette that delivers two flavors, according to a story in The Korea Herald quoting a company announcement on Monday.

Raison Sun Presso is the latest edition to KT&G’s Raison Presso brand launched in 2012.

Each cigarette contains a capsule in the filter that when popped releases two flavors.

The new package contains an image of waves under the burning sun on the front side and a photo of a capsule popping on the back.

The new cigarette is available for WON2,500 a pack.

Meanwhile, JTI Korea launched on June 18 a new capsule-filter cigarette that provides for the delivery of more than one flavor, according to another story in the Herald and quoting a company announcement yesterday.

Each package of Mevius Option2 contains 15 cigarettes with what are referred to as “cooling pop” menthol capsules embedded in the filter, and another five cigarettes with “double capsules” that add a tangy flavor.

JTI Korea said the new product was designed to allow consumers to experience up to four different flavors: straight tobacco, tobacco with menthol, tobacco with the tangy flavor or tobacco with menthol and the tangy flavor.

Mevius Option2 delivers 6 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine and is priced at WON2,700 won a pack.

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