New XR snus from Swedish Match

| February 5, 2016

Swedish Match is due this month to add two new products to its XR range of snus.

XR is described as ‘a range of competitively priced products in a discreet portion pouch that is less runny and retains its flavor longer’.

The XR range was launched in April 2015 and, after just over nine months on the market, it has captured a market share of nearly six percent.

Swedish Match said that it had been the aim from the beginning to continue developing XR by adding new products and innovative product characteristics.

Now XR Grov and XR General Salmiak are to be added to the range.

“Since the launch of XR, we have received many requests from customers regarding the products they would like to see included in the XR range,” said Carl Egeberg, Brand Manager at Swedish Match.

“The snus-brand Grov is one of Swedish Match’s oldest and largest brands and is a product that is among those most frequently requested by our consumers to be included in the XR range. I am therefore very pleased that we are now launching XR Grov. We have retained the strong tobacco flavor, but are now offering it in a more discreet format and at a competitive price.”

Meanwhile, XR General Salmiak will replace General Classic Licorice. It is said to offer a classic General character combined with a distinct salty licorice flavor, but in a new format and at a lower price.

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