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| May 11, 2017

The CORESTA Secretariat has given details of the documents that it has published and the projects that it has launched since March.

The following documents have been published and can be downloaded from the CORESTA website at under the Documents section.

  • Report “Joint Experiment Technical Study (JETS) Final Report 16/1 Dithiocarbamates in Tobacco” (2017-04-06)
  • Method No. 85 “Tobacco – Determination of the Content of Total alkaloids as Nicotine – Continuous-Flow Analysis Method using KSCN/DCIC” (2017-04-06)
  • Report “9th Proficiency Test (2016) for Physical Parameters of Cigarettes and Filters” (2017-04-24)
  • Guide No. 19 “Responsible Use of Crop Protection Agents (CPAs) in Tobacco Leaf Production” (2017-04-24)
  • Report “11th Round Robin Test for Multi-Capillary Pressure Drop Calibration Standards (2016)” (2017-04-27)
  • Report “4th Round Robin Test for Multi-Capillary Ventilation Calibration Standards (2015/2016)”

In addition, the following new projects were launched. (A full list of active projects is available on the CORESTA website at under the Study Groups/Active Projects section)

  • Project 140: TAG TF – Tobacco Alkaloid Genetics Scientific Literature Review
  • Project 142: EVAP SG – Presentation at ENDS2017 event in London, June 2017
  • Project 143: PSMST SG – Guide on Sulfuryl Fluoride – An Alternate Fumigant
  • Project 144: PSMST SG – Narcosis Position Paper
  • Project 145: PSMST SG – Yellow Residue Position Paper
  • Project 147: TTPA SG / Board – CORESTA comments on FDA standard for NNN in Smokeless Tobacco Products
  • Project 148: CSM SG – Guide on Smoke Collection of Handmade Long Filler Cigars.

Meanwhile, CORESTA has advised that its April 2017 Newsletter is available for download from its website’s home page.

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