Mevius blossoms in Japan

| January 24, 2018

Japan Tobacco Inc. has said it intends to launch nationwide in late March 15 further limited-edition packs of its Mevius cigarette brand.

Soft packs, boxes, and 100s boxes of Mevius, Mevius Lights, Mevius Super Lights, Mevius Extra Lights, and Mevius One will be available in selected retail stores in a limited quantity.

The formulation of the cigarettes will be unchanged.

The design of the latest limited-edition packaging is said to be reminiscent of the beauty of Japanese cherry blossom (Sakura).

‘We have supplemented the current colors with those that portray the changing nature of the sky and the cherry blossom throughout the night and into the morning,’ JT said in a note posted on its website.

‘The latest edition of the Mevius branding is designed to be uplifting and enlightening, encouraging consumers to embrace new horizons.’

The first of the limited-edition packs, which were launched in May 2017, portrayed the changing face of the Sky from morning to evening.

The second, launched in October, expressed the grandeur and beauty of the Sky and Mt. Fuji.


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