Name change mooted

| January 5, 2018

UK-based Molins PLC has said it will hold a general meeting on January 22 to consider a resolution to change its name to Mpac Group PLC, according to an Alliance News story relayed by the TMA.

The move follows Molins’ decision to sell its Instrumentation and Tobacco Machinery business in August 2017 and concentrate on packaging machines.

The company reportedly said it had ‘initiated a process to identify a new corporate name aligned to its new strategic direction’.

‘Mpac Group PLC was chosen as it is a name grounded in our business’s rich heritage and which looks forward to our future as a world leading end-to-end packaging machinery provider,’ it said.

The acquisition of the Molins Instrumentation and Tobacco Machinery business by the Italy-based Coesia Group, which includes G.D, Sasib and Flexlink, was announced on August 4.

‘The Instrumentation and Tobacco Machinery division, with 2016 revenues of approximately GB£40 million, is a global player in the design, development and manufacturing of secondary tobacco processing machinery, under the brand name Molins, as well as a leading player in process and quality control instruments and analytical smoke constituent capture machinery, under the brand name Cerulean,’ Coesia said in a press note.

“With the acquisition of Molins and Cerulean, Coesia will strengthen its leadership in the tobacco machinery industry and enhance its portfolio and product offering in the packaging and instrumentation markets” Angelos Papadimitriou, the Coesia Group’s CEO was quoted as saying.


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