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| January 25, 2018

The organizers of the Global Forum on Nicotine say that their fifth annual event, GFN18, will include the first GFN Film Festival.

The festival is being organised in association with Attention Era Media, the makers of ‘A Billion Lives’, which was shown at a previous GFN event.

Aaron Biebert, the director of A Billion Lives, who will curate the festival, said that reversing propaganda and fear tactics would take more than a single movie. “It will take a community of educators, leaders, and influencers who are educated and excited,” he said. “A film festival focused on tobacco harm reduction will make a huge impact by inspiring filmmakers to take up the cause and help get the truth in front of the public. I am delighted to be leading this effort and believe that together we can make a difference.”

The festival will feature films up to 15 minutes long.

The makers of the films chosen for inclusion will be invited to attend GFN18 and the organisers hope to have short Q&A sessions with them following the screenings, which will take place within the conference venue and will be open to everyone attending the conference.

The conference is scheduled to be held at the Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland, on June 14-16.

The festival will take place on June 15 and 16, with each of the entries being eligible for the ‘Best Picture’ award, to be decided by a jury, chaired by Biebert, who will also present the award during the closing session of the GFN.

The winning entry will be shown also during the closing session.

More information about the festival is available at:


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