Vaper group formed in Italy

| January 25, 2018

A new consumer advocacy group has been launched in Italy to represent the country’s electronic-cigarette users, according to a story by Fergus Mason for

The Associazione Nazionale per i Vapers Uniti (ANPVU – National Association of United Vapers) says its primary objective is to promote harm reduction by example, through introducing smokers to the new generation of safer nicotine products.

Mason said that Italy already had several pro-vaping organisations, such as the Italian Federation of Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers (SVAPO) and the Association of Independent Retailers (Anide), but that up to now there hadn’t been a group focused on vapers.

While manufacturers and retailers shared an interest in keeping a range of vapor products available, their goals didn’t always coincide with those of vapers.

The launch of ANPVU therefore gave vapers a much-needed opportunity to influence the debate.

Italy is said to have some of the most hostile anti-vaping policies in the EU.

Mason’s story, which includes a list of the new association’s goals, is at:


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