Crackdown on backsliders

| February 1, 2018

Greece’s Health Minister Andreas Xanthos yesterday called on the competent authorities to enforce the country’s anti-smoking law by starting to make strict checks on public places where currently tobacco smoking is banned but tolerated, according to a story by Philip Chrysopoulos for the Greek Reporter.

A 2010 law banning smoking in enclosed public places such as restaurants, coffee shops and theaters, was never truly enforced. Some random checks were made and fines imposed during the first few months of the ban, but Chrysopoulos reports that smoking in public places ‘continues to be rampant in Greece’.

In an effort to awaken the dormant bill, the ministry has issued a memorandum calling on all pertinent authorities to enforce the law by carrying out checks on establishments that allow smoking, and to impose harsh fines on offenders.

People who smoke in public places are liable to be fined €50-€500, depending on the circumstances.

And the owners of businesses such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops will be fined €500-€10,000 if they allow customers to smoke. Repeat offenders will be fined, and their licenses will be revoked after five offenses.

Those who sell tobacco products to minors or tolerate violation of the relevant provision will face a fine of €500-€10,000. And the same fines will apply to those who advertise tobacco products.

Drivers who smoke with a child under 12 in their cars will face a fine of €1,500.


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