Production deal

| February 9, 2018

Next Generation Labs has entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Lab Express, a FDA-approved specialty chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer, to produce synthetic TFN Nicotine.

Lab Express has been key to Next Generation Labs’ production of synthetic nicotine for the past two years, and both companies have agreed to convert their prior supply contract into a formal long-term exclusive manufacturing agreement.

Vincent Schuman, CEO of Next Generation Labs welcomed the new agreement. “Lab Express has been an instrumental partner over the last two years,” he said. “The organization has consistently delivered high-quality manufacturing capabilities and we’re confident in the additional production capacity that Lab Express can provide to Next Generation Labs.”

Lab Express, which has recently been acquired by India-based RN Laboratories, operates a state-of-art cGMP manufacturing facility in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA, and currently produces TFN synthetic nicotine under license, utilizing the Next Generation Labs patented process for racemic nicotine manufacture. Lab Express also undertakes proprietary second stage processing of TFN nicotine to isolate purer S-form isomer nicotine for Next Generation Labs.

“The recent acquisition by RN Laboratories reinforced our belief that this partnership will deliver on its commitment to fulfill future production needs. At Next Generation Labs, we’re seeing a steady and significant rise in customer demand for synthetic nicotine, this partnership further enables us to meet the growing demand with a consistent, high quality product,” said Schuman.

“We strive to work with innovators and leaders in the industry and we see synthetic nicotine production as an important part of our future expansion into new markets,” said Dave Mazzarell, CEO of Lab Express.

“There is no doubt that synthetic nicotine will have a unique place in new product development in the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, and we’re proud that this partnership with Next Generation Labs puts us at the forefront of these new development opportunities.”


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