America/New_York America/New_York America/New_York 20171105T020000 -0400 -0500 EST 20180311T020000 -0500 -0400 EDT 20171017T060800Z 20160221 20160227 +19.479196;-70.693057 Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic 0 Procigar Festival free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;300;1,large;;363;363; 20171017T060800Z 20160229 20160305 +23.113592;-82.366596 Havana, Cuba 0 Habanos Festival free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;232;232; 20171017T060800Z 20160302 20160306 +41.878114;-87.629798 Sheraton Grand Chicago @ Chicago, IL, USA 0 The Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco annual meeting free 20171017T060800Z 20160304 20160306 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 Vape Expo Poland free 20171017T060800Z 20160316 20160319 +36.169941;-115.13983 Las Vegas, NV, USA 0 Tobacco Plus Expo free 20171017T060800Z 20160408 20160411 +22.543096;+114.057865 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 0 Cecmol free 20171017T060800Z 20160419 20160422 +36.169941;-115.13983 Las Vegas, NV, USA 0 NATO free 20171017T060800Z 20160427 20160429 0 WT Process and Machinery free 20171017T060800Z 20160508 20160513 0 TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference 2016 free 20171017T060800Z 20160509 20160512 +37.270702;-76.707457 Kingsmill Resort @ Williamsburg, VA, USA 0 TMA Annual Meeting and Conference free 20171017T060800Z 20160609 20160610 +39.115662;-77.563602 Lansdowne Resort @ Leesburg, VA, USA 0 TMA deeming conference free 20171017T060800Z 20160615 20160617 +41.878114;-87.629798 Chicago, IL, USA 0 Vapor Expo free 20171017T060800Z 20160617 20160619 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 Global Forum on Nicotine free 20171017T060800Z 20160624 20160626 +55.755826;+37.6173 Moscow, Russia 0 Vape Expo Moscow free 20171017T060800Z 20160724 20160729 +36.169941;-115.13983 Las Vegas, NV, USA 0 IPCPR Convention and International Trade Show free 20171017T060800Z 20160729 20160731 +56.949649;+24.105186 Riga, Latvia 0 Baltic Vape Show free 20171017T060800Z 20160729 20160730 +52.370216;+4.895168 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0 The 1st International E-cigarette Conference on Legal Regulation free 20171017T060800Z 20160812 20160814 +50.075538;+14.4378 Prague, Czech Republic 0 Vapeexpo Prague free 20171017T060800Z 20160909 20160911 +52.087037;+20.8081 WARSAW EXPO @ warsaw, poland 0 Vape Expo Poland free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;168;1,large;;1024;572;1,full;;1297;725; 20171017T060800Z From the organizers: LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT VAPE BUSINESS AT VAPESHOW WARSAW ON SEPTEMBER 10-11! Vapeshow Warsaw 2016 conference for the business audience will take place within 2 days. It focuses on current industry issues and challenges and will be interesting for both professionals and those who only start their own business. Attendees can learn about industry trends and challenges; vape business organization; medical aspects; vape online marketing. Speakers include: industry top companies leaders, manufacturing companies representatives, marketing and commerce professionals and healthcare experts. Speakers will report on unique methods of vape products promotion that will ensure the success of your business at the market. You will find out how to establish your own business model in the e-cig industry. Thus, if you are an ambitious entrepreneur being ready to develop vaping industry in the country, you should definitely visit Vapeshow Warsaw 2016. It will be a new step towards establishing successful vaping business for you! Visit web site:   20160910 20160912 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 VapeShow Warsaw free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;300;1,large;;600;600; 20171017T060800Z From the organizers: Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging London 2016 is the UK’s premier event for all things packaging. The event brings together over 170 leading suppliers and over 4,000 packaging buyers to share ideas, network and of course, do business. Once again the exhibition will be complemented by a range of offerings, from seminars to networking events, to help you get the solutions, contacts and know-how to take your packaging project leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. 20160914 20160916 +51.507351;-0.127758 London, UK 0 Packaging Innovations free 20171017T060800Z 20160916 20160919 +51.513587;+7.465298 Messe Westfalenhallen @ Dortmund, Germany 0 Intersupply free 20171017T060800Z 20160916 20160919 +51.513587;+7.465298 Dortmund, Germany 0 Intertabac free 20171017T060800Z 20160918 20160922 +26.823395;-80.138655 Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA 0 Tobacco Science Research Conference free 20171017T060800Z From the organizers: Open the door for innovation The Tobacco Industry has entered a new era of change and all eyes have now turned to the future. Increased preferences of Tobacco consumers demand less-risky products (with lower tar deliveries) and more sophisticated experiences in terms of product taste and shape. Tobacco companies are now further motivated to seek more extensive technology development not only in traditional tobacco products but also new product categories. Filter Technology One recent product innovation involves flavour capsules in cigarette filters, which consumers can crush at any time to release a burst of flavour. Innovations in design have become increasingly important to the filter technology arena. Tobacco companies are working to develop state-of–the-art products that reduce health risks while still offering maximum satisfaction in terms of taste, feel and hygiene. In the past few years many new filter products have appeared on the market. Successful innovations have included the introduction of multi-segmented filters, hollow acetate tube (HAT), capsules and filters with flavor holding thread. The impact has seen a wealth of low-tar cigarettes, new smoking experiences and even changes in cigarette length and circumference (such as ultra-long and ultra slim). These have created completely new values on the market; increasing the demand for superior, distinguishable solutions and furthering the effect on sensual perception. This demand requires specially designed, tailor-made, reliable technology  solutions not only for the effective development and creation of new products, but also their introduction into regular production. Legal regulations In 2009, the U.S. authority prohibited the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of cigarettes containing “characterizing flavors,” such as vanilla, chocolate, cherry, and coffee. This prohibition extends to flavored cigarettes and flavored cigarette “component parts,” such as the tobacco, filter or paper. However, the prohibition exempts the flavors of menthol and tobacco and does not apply to non-cigarette tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, hookah tobacco, and their flavored component parts. Regulations have become a meaningful driver of innovation, leading to the creation of completely new product categories. Vaping revolution Right now, the industry is undergoing a vaping revolution. Many believe that vaping, or the use of an electronic cigarette, is a safer alternative to smoking. Furthermore, the variety of flavors further enhances the sensual perception to compensate taste loss, yet creating a pleasant aftertaste in order meet or exceed consumers’ highest expectations. But the taste is not only the aspect. First generation devices are already on the way out and today’s ‘ecig’ fans are all about change. Today’s ‘vapers’ rseek customization and it shows when you take a look at their devices. Currently on the market we can see many cool builds and fun accessories like JWraps and vape bands to give each e-cig a personalized look. Heat not burn concept A real breakthrough has been the recent introduction of “Heat not burn” products, which, “may be highly competitive to the existing tobacco industry” because the products use real tobacco. A “heat not burn” vaporizer heats ground tobacco leaves and delivers a nicotine hit to the user without producing much, if any smoke or ash. As a result the consumer inhales less smoke, none of which contains burned paper. This is why ‘Heat not burn’ is the new way of enjoying nicotine without some of the health risks associated with the burning of traditional combustible cigarettes. Heat not burn falls somewhere in the middle of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes and this position creates great perspective for the future. The answer Incoming trends and growing consumer preferences require new, tailor made solutions in production that can meet specific R&D and consumer expectations. ITM Innovation Days organized in September at Radom (Poland), will be a great opportunity to see the technology which has been developed in response to today`s and tomorrow’s business models and requirements. During the exhibition you will experience the latest solutions from Filter Making, Rod Handling, Reclaiming, E-cig and Future Product Technology which can be introduced into day-to-day production and your longer-term vision. During the Innovation Days you can be inspired by the new service platform, which presents a new approach in new standards in product development to create constant interaction between consumer and machine provider. New technology design and innovation might be your answer, allowing you to open the door to next generation products in the tobacco industry. See you at ‘Innovation Days!’       20160921 20160923 +51.402724;+21.147133 Radom, Poland 0 ITM innovation days free 20171017T060800Z 20160927 20160930 +50.85034;+4.35171 Brussels, Belgium 0 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum free 20171017T060800Z 20161009 20161014 +52.520007;+13.404954 Berlin, Germany 0 Coresta Congress free 20171017T060800Z 20161012 20161014 +51.507351;-0.127758 London, UK 0 E-Cig Europe 2016 free 20171017T060800Z 20161017 20161020 +39.904211;+116.407395 Beijing, Beijing, China 0 Fourt Beijing Vape Expo Fair free 20171017T060800Z 20161108 20161111 +53.551085;+9.993682 Hamburg, Germany 0 WT Process and Machinery free 20171017T060800Z 20161116 20161118 +51.507351;-0.127758 London, UK 0 3rd Annual Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2016 free 20171017T060800Z 20161118 20161121 +45.42153;-75.697193 Ottawa, ON, Canada 0 Canada’s Vape Expo free 20171017T060800Z From the organizers:   Tobacco Plus Expo Innovates Show to Meet Needs of  Industry Buyers Experience the nation’s preeminent tobacco vapor alternative trade show Industry buyers attending Tobacco Plus Expo 2017 (TPE), nation’s preeminent tobacco vapor alternative trade show, will experience a show completely redesigned to their needs. From dates selected to coincide with those preferred by buyers to a show floor designed for easy navigation, every aspect of TPE will connect buyers with the products, services and resources they need to grow their businesses. Retailers attending TPE range from buyers for large chains to the owners and managers of independent tobacconists, smoke shops, vapor shops, c-stores and more. “Our innovations will deliver exactly what our attendees need in today’s changing environment: to encounter new products, explore emerging trends and network with one another,” says Jason Carignan, Chief Marketing Officer at Kretek International, the parent company of TPE owner Tobacco Media Group (TMG). Show innovations include: Prime dates and location. TPE 2017 has moved its dates to the January timeframe desired by buyers. The show will take place January 25-26, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Easy-to-navigate show floor. A new show floor layout organizes exhibitors by category (tobacco, vapor, alternatives, and general merchandise). This refinement leads buyers directly to the products that interest them. Relevant education. Sessions will focus on the regulatory environment, new products and trends, merchandising, leveraging data, social media and more. Hands-on engagement. Experiential lounges on the show floor will house sampling, testing, new product demos and best practices.  New product spotlight. Information on new product launches will be pushed to attendees pre- and at-show ensuring that attendees don’t miss out on anything. Immediate access to information and resources. A new online show platform and app will enable buyers to locate companies and products on the show floor and to manage their schedules. After the show, the website will remain online, giving buyers year-round access to information on the products and services exhibited at TPE. These innovations prove TPE’s committment to delivering a great experience to all attendees and exhibitors. “TPE continues to grow year-over-year by embracing the continual evolution that characterizes virtually every category in this industry—from premium cigars and tobacco to e-cigarette and vapor products,” says Mark Cassar, CEO of Kretek International. TMG has partnered with Tradeshow Logic, experts in growing and evolving trade shows, to make TPE 2017 its best show ever. For more information about the show and ongoing updates, visit                 20170125 20170127 +36.169941;-115.13983 Las Vegas, NV, USA 0 Tobacco Plus Expo free 20171017T060800Z 20170130 20170202 +52.520007;+13.404954 Berlin, Germany 0 Tax stamp forum free 20171017T060800Z 20170131 20170203 +38.907192;-77.036871 Washington, DC, USA 0 NAW 2017 Executive Summit free 20171017T060800Z 20170227 20170302 +39.952584;-75.165222 Philadelphia, PA, USA 0 Pack Expo East free 20171017T060800Z From the organizer: Welcome to Vape Expo Poland – the third international exhibition on vape industry in Poland! The Third Vape Expo Poland is the foremost professional vaping trade show. It is where industry players and experts showcase, share and incubate ideas. It is also where influencers and decision-makers seek and find solutions to propel their businesses. This Vape Expo Poland edition will take place 4-5 of March in PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland. The Third Vape Expo Poland network now includes more than 2000 suppliers and buyers of vaping products from 15 countries worldwide. We expect to have representatives and businesses from Poland, USA, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Japan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Malaysia and China at this year’s event – all looking to find business partners and to do business. The Third Vape Expo Poland offers: A great knowledge medium for learning about new products, markets and business opportunities Unparalleled podium for domestic and global opportunities in vaping sales, manufacturing and distribution, and establishing rewarding partnerships Scope to discover market innovations and technology advancements One-to-one interaction with buyers and sellers Open Seminars/Conference Coil Building and Mixing Liquids Workshops Media Workspace This year The Third Vape Expo Poland has made it even easier for you to find the products you need and the key suppliers to do business with. Join us 4-5 of March at the PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland to explore the latest trends in vaping.   Location: PTAK Warsaw Expo, Poland Dates: 4-5 of March 2017 Only B2B Trade Show Organizer: Events International   20170304 20170306 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 Vape Expo Poland free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;200;1,large;;400;267; 20171017T060800Z 20170304 20170306 +59.93428;+30.335099 St Petersburg, Russia 0 Vape Expo Russia free 20171017T060800Z 20170307 20170310 +23.12911;+113.264385 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 0 Tax Free World free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;200;1 20171017T060800Z From the organizer: Ukrainian Vapor Week ( ) or UVweek will be largest Ukrainian’s vaping convention that brings together industry-leading vape exhibitors from all over the world. The UVweek is an event for the public, and it focuses on both the vendors and the vaping community. UVweek takes place in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev city. One of the most popular location were chosen for event – Art factory ‘Platforma’. Best and most roomy place in the city will open the doors on 18 and 19 March 2017. Tickets can be purchased online, and will cost just 50 UAH until March 1, after the price will increase to 100 UAH. Having the Ukrainian Vapor Week in town means many great things and opportunities for the Kiev and Ukrainian vaping community, including: The UVweek expo will raise the visibility of the local vaping culture. Having the 2 days fair in the capital will automatically peak interests and raise awareness of the vaping industry amongst locals who might be curious, or who otherwise might not know much about vaping. There will be media coverage as well. Have such event in town means a great opportunity for locals to attend a fair of this magnitude, meet and try out the products of local and international venders. Organizer team, Events International, attends different fairs and advice all of you attend the fairs themselves, try out the hundreds of available products and give feedback on what you want to see at the shelves of your city vaping stores. Also our Expo give a chance for many local vendors to participate, become to one level with industry giants and the most famous manufacturer companies, who usually also start from small business. Since Ukrainian Vapor Week ( ) made the announcement of the event in Kiev, social media has been buzzing with the news. We are looking forward to a huge turnout from our local vaping community and showing the country what a great host city Kiev is for this event!   20170318 20170320 +50.4501;+30.5234 Kiev, Ukraine 0 Ukrainian Vape Week free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;89;1,large;;1024;302;1,full;;2560;756; 20171017T060800Z 20170318 20170320 +52.370216;+4.895168 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0 Vape Show free 20171017T060800Z 20170404 20170406 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 EuroTab free 20171017T060800Z 20170407 20170410 0 Vape Jam UK free 20171017T060800Z 20170419 20170421 +38.990666;-77.026088 Silver Spring, MD, USA 0 Battery workshop free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;220;220; 20171017T060800Z 20170422 20170424 +55.755826;+37.6173 Moscow, Russia 0 Vape Show Moscow free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;169;1,large;;600;338; 20171017T060800Z 20170428 20170501 0 Vapor Fair Frankfurt free 20171017T060800Z 20170510 20170513 +38.894279;-77.431099 Chantilly, VA, USA 0 TMA annual meeting free thumbnail;;105;59; 20171017T060800Z 20170513 20170515 +50.075538;+14.4378 Prague, Czechia 0 Vape Show Prague free 20171017T060800Z 20170520 20170522 +37.98381;+23.727539 Athens, Greece 0 VapeAro free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;114;1,large;;828;315; 20171017T060800Z 20170526 20170529 0 Global Vaping Expo Moscow free 20171017T060800Z 20170614 20170616 +51.507351;-0.127758 London, UK 0 ENDS 2017 free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;104;1,large;;1024;354;1,full;;2863;991; 20171017T060800Z 20170615 20170618 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 Global Forum on Nicotine free thumbnail;;150;100;1,medium;;300;64;1,large;;470;100; 20171017T060800Z With the nicotine delivery landscape rapidly changing, the first International Symposium on Nicotine Technology (ISoNTech) will take place in Warsaw, Poland, in June, and will review the science and technology behind new nicotine delivery systems. ISoNTech will not only highlight the latest technological advances in alternative nicotine delivery systems, next-generations devices and the science behind them but also the measures employed to test and assure quality control in their manufacture and regulation. ISoNTech will be held immediately prior to the 4th Global Forum on Nicotine, the theme of which this year is ‘Reducing Harm, Saving Lives’, drawing attention to the potential of safer nicotine products in reducing the global health burden of smoking. 20170715 20170716 +52.229676;+21.012229 Warsaw, Poland 0 International symposium on nicotine technology free 20171017T060800Z 20170721 20170724 +43.653226;-79.383184 Toronto, ON, Canada 0 Canada’s Vape Expo free 20171017T060800Z 20170805 20170806 +55.755826;+37.6173 Moscow, Russia 0 International Hookah Picnic free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;190;1,large;;800;506; 20171017T060800Z 20170912 20170915 0 GTNF free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;278;1 20171017T060800Z 20170917 20170921 +26.339806;-81.778697 Bonita Springs, FL, USA 0 TSRC free 20171017T060800Z 20170922 20170925 +51.513587;+7.465298 Dortmund, Germany 0 Inter-Tabac free 20171017T060800Z 20170930 20171002 +50.4501;+30.5234 Kiev, Ukraine, 02000 0 Vapexpo Kiev free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;196;1,large;;500;326; 20171017T060800Z From the organizer: JAC Vapour, Nicopure Labs and JTI confirmed to speak at the most anticipated next generation industry event Europe’s leading next generation nicotine product conference is back for its 4th annual edition! #NGN17 will be addressing market and consumer trends, public health opinion and product innovation in order to help you to increase your market share and stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition! This year tickets have been disappearing at a record speed. If you don’t want to miss this one and only event in Europe tackling the commercial side of the next generation nicotine market, click here to make a reservation today! Key speakers revealed! We are pleased to announce that #NGN17 speaker line-up is more exciting than ever before! This year we invited senior speakers from leading next generation nicotine brands to deliver interactive sessions, share industry insights/case studies, deliver exciting panel discussions to you, and more. Have a sneak peek at a few of confirmed speakers below! Graham McGee Managing Director, Vapour Magazine Neil McCallum CEO, JAC Vapour Patricia Kovacevic General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Nicopure Labs Ian Jones VP Reduced-Risk Products, JTI Michael Holliday Trading Director, Vape Nation / KIK Max Bullock Head of Analysis, Vape Direct / Riot Square E-Liquid Join Next Generation Nicotine Delivery to learn from the industry experts, network with brand owners and meet solution providers. Stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition by securing your place today! Don’t forget to type your priority code – MK-VK-PR – so your booking could be prioritised. If you have any enquiries please email 20171114 20171116 +51.507351;-0.127758 London, UK 0 Next Generation Nicotine Delivery free 20171017T060800Z 20171128 20171202 +26.339806;-81.778697 Bonita Springs, FL, USA 0 Tobacco Science Research Conference free 20171017T060800Z 20171202 20171204 +55.755826;+37.6173 Moscow, Russia 0 Global Vape Fest free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;243;1,large;;1024;830;1,full;;1168;947; 20171017T060800Z 20171205 20171207 0 Process and machinery free 20171017T060800Z 20180130 20180202 +38.907192;-77.036871 Washington, DC, USA 0 NAW executive summit free thumbnail;;150;150;1,medium;;300;225;1,large;;400;300; 20171017T060800Z 20180131 20180202 +36.169941;-115.13983 Las Vegas, NV, USA 0 Tobacco Plus Expo free 20171017T060800Z 20180322 20180324 +40.712784;-74.005941 New York, NY, USA 0 Vape Event NYC free 20171017T060800Z Name(required) Email(required) Website Message 20180422 20180426 +47.999008;+7.842104 Freiburg, Germany 0 Cigarette Filter Colloquium free 20171017T060800Z 20191111 20191115 +52.370216;+4.895168 Amsterdam, Netherlands 0 Tabexpo free 20171017T060800Z 20160302T100000 +35.707152;-77.927667 Wilson County Agricultural Center Auditorium @ 1806 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC 27893, USA 0 Tobacco Associates’ annual meeting free 1