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Meet the Staff

Dayton Matlick

Dayton Matlick is the chairman of the board of Tobacco Reporter’s parent company, SpecComm International, Inc. A veteran of the publishing and tobacco industries, he grew up on a U.S. tobacco farm and wrote his first article about the trade in 1948, at the age of 14. Dayton has won several journalism awards. He is a founding father of TABEXPO and continues to be actively involved with this event.




Elise Rasmussen

Elise Rasmussen is Tobacco Reporter’s executive director, global events organizer and manages advertising accounts around much of the world. Her drive, networking skills and powers of persuasion are legendary. Since joining Tobacco Reporter in 1982, Elise has traveled the globe nonstop, helping customers establish and strengthen their corporate identities within the industry. Recently, Elise also assumed responsibility for Tobacco Reporter events. The increasingly popular Global Tobacco Networking Forum is her brainchild.




Noel Morris

Noel Morris is the publisher of Tobacco Reporter and president and CEO of Tobacco Reporter’s parent company, SpecComm International, Inc. She joined Tobacco Reporter in 1991 as a sales associate and has since held various positions of increasing seniority. Noel’s business acumen and keen sense for opportunity have served the magazine well. She is the driving force behind Tobacco Reporter’s annual Golden Leaf Awards, among other initiatives.




Kay O'Neill

Kay O’Neill

Kay O’Neill is Tobacco Reporter’s associate publisher and a sales representative and coordinator. She has a talent for gracefully reconciling the natural tensions that exist between sales and editorial considerations. Her cool mind and sense of humor have helped Tobacco Reporter sail a steady course in even the most turbulent of times. Kay has been with Tobacco Reporter since 1991 and currently looks after customers in the United States.




Candas Carmen

Candas Carmen

Candas Carmen is Tobacco Reporter’s international sales consultant. The newest member of our team, she has managed to establish herself firmly in the tobacco industry, looking after territories in Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and German-speaking markets. Candas’ knowledge of tobacco is complemented by years of experience in the print, packaging and publishing industries, making her an ideal partner for your B2B marketing efforts.




Taco Tuinstra

Taco Tuinstra is Tobacco Reporter’s editor in chief. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, he coordinates the work of staff writers and contributors and sets the magazine’s editorial direction. Since joining Tobacco Reporter in 1997, Taco has visited more than 70 countries to meet industry representatives in their markets and report tobacco news firsthand. Under his direction, Tobacco Reporter has won several awards for editorial excellence.




George Gay

George Gay is our European editor, but his territory spans the globe. Based in London, George has covered the tobacco industry since 1982, initially for a U.K.-based publication and, since 2004, for Tobacco Reporter. George’s profound understanding of industry issues, combined with his keen sense of observation and dry wit, has earned him a loyal following among Tobacco Reporter readers. His writing never fails to delight.