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Karnataka flue-cured prices increased

| November 27, 2013

Tobacco growers in the Indian state of Karnataka sold more than 44.74 million kg of flue-cured at an average price of INR140.46 during the first 62 days of the 2013–2014 selling season, according to a story in the latest issue of the BBM Bommidala Group newsletter quoting figures from the Tobacco Board of India.

Average leaf prices this season have been running about INR18.90 per kg ahead of those of last season, while prices for bright grades, which are generally preferred by the major tobacco companies, have been selling at INR165 per kg, INR24 per kg higher.

The prices of medium-quality tobacco have averaged INR147.86 per kg this season, up by INR19.38 per kg on those of last season.

Karnataka is thought to have produced about 100 million kg of flue-cured this year; an amount that could be sold by the end of January.

The board is reportedly contemplating speeding up flue-cured auctions in Karnataka, which usually finish in February.

Shisha cafés on the move in Abu Dhabi

| November 27, 2013

Many shisha cafés in Abu Dhabi face closure because of anti-smoking regulations due to come into force at the end of January, according to a story in The National.

The new regulations will come in backed by massive penalties for those who don’t conform, which for most will mean moving their premises.

About 90 percent of the cafés are in densely populated areas, while the regulations state that they must be at least 150 meters from residential areas, schools and mosques.

The Department of Economic Development was quoted as saying that café owners were told in July about the new regulations, which, in the department’s view, gave them time to make the changes needed.

“No leniency will be exercised this time, due to a Cabinet decision on July 21,” said Ahmed Al Qubaisi, acting commercial protection director at the department. “The authority takes all measures to ensure a healthy life to residents and children and protect them from shisha’s harmful effects.”

Those measures include threatening shisha café owners with fines of up to AED1 million, two years in jail and the closure of their businesses.

Smallest e-cigarette launched

| November 27, 2013

The U.K. e-cigarette company Vapourlites has launched what it claims is the world’s smallest e-cigarette.

The company is marketing the new product as a “try it” gadget that is a perfect check-out buy for people planning to cut down on or quit traditional-cigarette smoking at Christmas or the New Year.

A “soft feel,” 7 cm Vapourlites Micro is said to deliver nicotine equivalent to about 15 tobacco cigarettes.

Imperial employees help vulnerable

| November 27, 2013

Imperial Tobacco employees in the FYR of Macedonia recently gave up their weekend to take part in a community volunteering event in Skopje aimed at improving the quality of life for some of the city’s most vulnerable young adults.

The event formed part of a joint project with the Altadis Foundation and a local charity.

Volunteers were involved in a range of activities such as clearing rubbish, planting shrubs and refurbishing and furnishing apartments.

The beneficiaries of the Create a Better Future project were disadvantaged young people who had left state-run orphanages at the age of 18.

“This was a great event, which involved volunteers from both our trading and manufacturing divisions in Macedonia,” said Inna Napolskaya, finance director, Southern Balkans.

“We were very touched by the young people’s appreciation of our efforts, and we’re planning further activities in the near future to demonstrate our responsibility in action.”

French e-cigarette firm growing upward and outward into new markets

| November 26, 2013

The French e-cigarette company Nhoss expects to more than double its turnover next year to over €20 million.

In a press note issued yesterday, the company’s rise was described as “extraordinary.”

Started in 2010, the company, which produces its own e-liquid, had a turnover of €150,000 during 2011; a figure that will have risen to about €10 million by the end of this year.

It has sold more than 2 million products since its launch; its workforce has gone from four in 2010 to 35 this year; and its brand is now present in 7,000 points of sale in France.

Nhoss has expanded into Spain and expects its products to be on sale in Italy and Portugal before the end of this year.

Plan to ease Bulgaria’s tobacco smoking ban in time for winter holiday season

| November 26, 2013

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is expected to try to ease Bulgaria’s tobacco smoking ban in enclosed public places in time for New Year celebrations, according to a Novinite story quoting the Bulgarian Trud (labor) daily.

Amendments to the country’s Health Act are due to be voted on in parliament in December, just before the start of the holidays, during which many hospitality-sector establishments expect to enjoy high turnovers.

“Right after we adopt the state budget, we will move the Health Act on the agenda and ease the ban around New Year,” said Spas Panchev, deputy chair of the BSP’s parliamentary group and one of the strongest proponents of easing smoking regulations.

The easing of restrictions would see the establishment of designated, separate smoking and nonsmoking areas in large restaurants and coffee shops, while the owners of smaller establishments, with floor areas of less than 70 square meters, would be able to decide whether their establishments should or should not allow smoking. Smoking would be allowed in bars and nightclubs.

However, it is by no means certain that those wanting to ease the current ban will carry the day because there is a lot of opposition to what they are attempting.

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