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New General snus can is far from general

| October 15, 2013

SM can2Swedish Match this week unveiled at the US NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) in Atlanta, what is describes as smart, revolutionary new packaging for General snus.

“General Snus will soon be available in a premium brushed-metal can with a fresh foil seal,” according to a Swedish Match press note.

“The ergonomic design also features a hinged metal lid, a first for the smokeless tobacco category …”

Essentra rebrand for Filtrona and Payne

| October 15, 2013

In a much-trailed move, Filtrona Filter Products yesterday took on its new name, Essentra Filter Products (EFP).

The name change realigns the company with its parent, which in June changed its name from Filtrona PLC to Essentra PLC.

In a press note announcing the name change, EFP, which has its headquarters in Singapore, described itself as the world’s leading independent provider of special filters and scientific services to the tobacco industry.

At the same time, Essentra Packaging has become the new name for two Essentra PLC packaging companies: Payne and Contego Healthcare.

All Essentra PLC companies have now taken on the Essentra name.

Commission wants to can snus sales on Finnish ships in Swedish waters

| October 14, 2013

The European Commission might put an end to the sale of snus on Finnish cruise ships even when they are sailing in Swedish waters, according to an Esmerk Finnish News story.

When the European Parliament voted on the commission’s proposed Tobacco Products Directive on Oct. 8, the status of snus was unchanged in that its sale remained banned throughout the EU, with the exception of Sweden.

The commission’s view is that the sale of snus is banned on ships that operate under the Finnish flag.

However, at the moment, many ships that operate under the Finnish flag sell snus when they are in Swedish waters.

Electronic cigarettes subjected to tougher regulations than are tobacco cigarettes

| October 14, 2013

Electronic cigarettes have been declared illegal in the Indian state of Punjab, according to a Daily Bhaskar story quoting the health department’s chief secretary, Vini Mahajan.

The newspaper said that Punjab was the only state to have declared such a ban, though it was not clear what the prohibition encompassed—whether the manufacture, import, sale, possession, use or use in public places.

Although the story said that e-cigarettes had been declared illegal, the health secretary was speaking at a smoke-free workshop organized by the Union of South East Asia, at which he said that 12 districts of Punjab had been declared “no smoking” districts.

Soon, it was said, the whole state would be declared smoke-free.

So it seems that electronic cigarettes, which many observers believe to be hugely less risky than are tobacco cigarettes, are currently being subjected to stricter regulations than are tobacco cigarettes.

Indonesian government comes under more pressure to ratify FCTC

| October 14, 2013

Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) is putting pressure on the government immediately to ratify the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), according to a story in The Jakarta Post.

Speaking at the National Seminar on Tobacco Control on Wednesday, Komnas HAM Commissioner Roichatul Aswidah said that tobacco smoke was a serious threat to human rights because it caused mass deaths across the globe annually.

Komnas HAM believed the government had to provide a healthy environment for its citizens by ratifying the treaty and thereby protecting people from the health threats caused by tobacco smoke, Roichatul said.

Earlier this month, Indonesian Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi was reported in another Post story as saying that her government would strive to ensure that Indonesia ratified the FCTC.

The minister said that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had agreed in principle to ratification but wanted firstly to see the government speaking with one voice on the subject. “So I think we will get there, but not yet,” she was quoted as saying.

Data from the Demography Institute of the University of Indonesia shows that cigarette consumption in Indonesia increased from 251 billion cigarettes in 2009 to 302 billion in 2012.

Spain getting tough on oversupply

| October 14, 2013

The Spanish Treasury is considering taking measures that would prohibit the export sale of cigarettes that are not justified by the demand in the countries of import, according to a Gibraltar Chronicle story.

The move, revealed by Treasury Secretary of State Miguel Ferre Navarrete at a conference at the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, aims to stem the flow of export cigarettes that are then smuggled back into Spain.

Spain had low tax zones such as Gibraltar and Andorra adjacent to its borders and to where such tobacco flows had been detected, he said.

Later, the export cigarettes could be found on Spanish streets.

Ferre said Spain would apply the 2012 Seoul Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.

That would require companies involved in the tobacco trade in Spain to account for the volume of their exports to various jurisdictions, and would open the door to fines and sanctions.

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