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E-cig company gets green certification

| April 22, 2013

ProSmoke is the now the only company in its industry to be certified by the Green Business Bureau. This award is only given to companies that are both environmentally responsible and commercially beneficial to the environment and society, according to a story on

The Green Business Bureau certifies businesses as environmentally friendly organizations in order to increase the credibility and visibility of that company and to foster environmental awareness. The green practices that ProSmoke has implemented over the years have earned the company the classification of being a certified business by the Green Business Bureau. The businesses that are certified by the Green Business Bureau also save on energy and material costs, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

In addition to already preventing millions of cigarette butts from polluting the environment, ProSmoke has implemented practices such as minimizing product packaging, offering environmentally friendly shipping materials, using green approved PET recycled materials with their disposable e-cigarettes and including a page on the website for green advocacy, education, information, and other resources. The company states it is dedicated to providing customers, and the rest of the industry, with an environmentally friendly option for manufacturing and using tobacco alternatives.

Hoffmann awarded World Star

| April 5, 2013

Winston_Avant_Edition_smallHoffmann Neopac has won a World Star Award for its Winston Avant Edition cigarette pack. The World Star Organization gives out awards annually for innovations in packaging. This year, more than 315 entrants competed.

Previously, the Winston Avant Edition had won the German Packaging Award.

According to Hoffman, the Winston Avant Edition has redefined cigarette promotional packaging. The company developed a mechanism that simultaneously opens and lifts the product. Both functions can be triggered using only one hand. Despite its sophisticated features, the package is slim.

Also unique is the combination of tin plate and plastic. The tin plate shell enhances the premium character of the packaging. It adheres to the plastic part with an innovative adhesive bond using specially designed gluing machines.

Hoffmann also won a World Star Award for a tube it developed for the medical industry.

Based in Switzerland, Hoffmann Neopac is a family-owned business with a history of more than 100 years. The company produces pocket packs using metal or combinations of metal and plastic, as well as tins for the tins for a variety of industries, including tobacco.