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H.B. Fuller opens Luneburg Adhesive Academy

| September 14, 2015

H.B. Fuller—a leading global adhesives provider focusing on perfecting adhesives, sealants and other specialty chemical products—has opened its Luneburg Adhesive Academy. Located in Germany, the Luneburg Adhesive Academy is the company’s newest technical center and will help its customers respond more quickly and effectively to market trends, industry challenges and opportunities.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with the collective knowledge of experts drawn from H.B. Fuller’s global network, the facility will be a focus for adhesive R&D excellence. Drawing on specialist knowledge from different industry sectors, the academy provides an environment to work in partnership with customers to solve problems and create new solutions more rapidly than ever before.

“Our new adhesive academy is a perfect example of what we mean by ‘connecting what matters.’ It brings together everything necessary to connect customers to innovative adhesive solutions that will give them a competitive edge,” says H.B. Fuller president and CEO Jim Owens. “From the academy, we will strengthen our commercial partnerships, solve some of the world’s toughest adhesion challenges and develop market-ready solutions to help drive customer and industry performance.”

Nick Lehman, H.B. Fuller’s R&D director, adds, “By bringing together adhesive specialists from different sectors to share expertise, transfer technologies between markets and stimulate ideas, we are confident we can accelerate adhesive innovation. Furthermore, we are providing those experts with first-class offices, laboratories, technical facilities and machinery to ensure they have the best possible environment in which to think and to create.”

Covering 2,300 square meters, the Luneburg Adhesive Academy includes dedicated areas for packaging and converting, hygiene and durable assembly adhesive technologies. It is purpose-designed for related functions, such as conducting experiments, running demonstrations and training customers. The investment in the site also reinforces H.B. Fuller’s commitment to the local community.

Fuller builds technical center in Germany

| August 19, 2013

Adhesives provider H.B. Fuller has broken ground for a new technical center at its existing site in Lüneburg, Germany. The ceremony, on Aug. 12, was attended by Mayor Ulrich Mädge, along with representatives from the company’s leadership team and local employees.

Covering an area of 2,300 square meters, the center will have three sections—one with offices and development laboratories; one containing a staff canteen, meeting rooms and building services; and one that will serve as a customer center, where H.B. Fuller will carry out tests, demonstrations and training.

The expansion is part of a wider business transformation project, designed to streamline and modernize operations and facilitate profitable growth. Construction is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014.


New adhesive for high-speed production

| October 4, 2012

H.B. Fuller has introduced Ipacoll 2603, a high-performance tipping adhesive for both skip-tip and full-coat slot nozzle applicators. Tailor-made to fulfill the requirements of Hauni Maschinenbau’s high-speed Protos M5 and M8 machines, it supports production flexibility and ease of use while maintaining cigarette outputs of up to 20,000 cigarettes per minute.

Ipacoll 2603 adhesive has been developed in response to the need to achieve levels of higher cleanliness and efficiency as demanded by Hauni’s proprietary slot nozzle applicators. H.B. Fuller says the adhesive is exceptionally clean running, which enhances nozzle performance and minimizes the need for cleaning. It meets all TVO and sensory requirements.

Tested at the leading machinery manufacturer, Ipacoll 2603 adhesive has been proven to support high production speeds of up to 20,000 cpm. Its high wet-tack properties give potential mileage savings and ensure tipping paper patches are processed without adverse impact on ventilation rates.

Ipacoll 2603 adhesive has a clean adhesive pattern on pre-perforated paper and online laser perforation. In addition, the high performance over a wide range of papers helps to reduce reject cigarette rates.

“H.B. Fuller is proud of its collaborative approach with customers and OEMs and it is through partnership that the next generation of adhesives is being perfected,” says Stuart Jenkinson, business director EIMEA for tobacco at H.B. Fuller.

“Ipacoll 2603 has been tailor-made for cigarette producers to get the very best out of the high performance Hauni Protos M5 and M8 machines.”