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Johnson Creek Enterprises updates product line, name and website

| June 18, 2015

Johnson Creek Enterprises has announced the launch of hardware for advanced-level vapers, a new line of high-performance e-liquid and a new name.

“To know your customer is to know your future,” said founder and CEO Christian Berkey. “A growing segment of our customers want the ability to customize their vaping gear.”

To meet consumer needs, Berkey’s team has unveiled the Elite hardware series, which consists of the Vea Elite, an electronic box mod with an authentic DNA40 chip. The DNA40 allows users to control the wattage or temperature, depending upon which coil is used. Also part of the series is the Canteen Elite, a tank system with sub-ohm capabilities.

According to Johnson Creek director of product development Joe Dralle, these products require e-liquid that is formulated differently than e-liquids found in the company’s current lineup.

“Think of it as a high-performance car,” said Dralle. “This tank needs higher octane juice for peak performance.”

The company has developed six new flavors with a high vegetable glycerin base that will bring out each product’s flavor and allow for maximum vapor production.

The updated website will separate the company’s previous e-liquid offerings under the category “Johnson Creek Classics,” while the new flavors will be called “Vapor Liquid.”

Johnson Creek’s current e-liquid brands—as well as the original Vea e-cigarette and its accessories—will remain available to consumers.

“Not all vapers want the advanced gear,” Berkey said. “We are simply adding products to meet the needs of our evolving customer base.”

To better reflect the new product line and offerings, the company will also transition its name.

“Because we all need to move away from ‘smoke’ and embrace ‘vape,’” Berkey said, “I felt the time was right for Johnson Creek 2.0.”

The company will now be known as Johnson Creek Enterprises (dba) Johnson Creek Vapor Company.

Johnson Creek teams with Republic for distribution

| March 14, 2014

Johnson Creek Enterprises, the leading manufacturer of e-liquid in the U.S., has teamed up with Republic Tobacco, the nation’s largest distributor of roll-your-own and make-your-own tobacco products and accessories, to distribute Johnson Creek’s e-cigarette hardware and e-liquids nationally in the U.S.

“This is a perfect fit for both of our companies,” says Christian Berkey, Johnson Creek’s founder and CEO. Steve Sandman, president of Republic Tobacco agrees. “Both retailers and wholesalers have been waiting for a reputable company to supply this growing category,” he says. “Our customers should be very pleased that Republic is stepping into the forefront of the ‘e’ category with such an outstanding producer as Johnson Creek.”

Johnson Creek was first company in the U.S. vapor industry to produce and manufacture e-liquid for e-cigarettes. It was also the first company to use child resistant caps, plastic shrink-wrapped banding, and to list ingredients on all bottles.