Australian health insurers foiled in attempt to charge smokers more

| September 13, 2012

Australia’s Health Minister, Tanya Plibersek, has ruled out allowing health funds to charge smokers more than they charge non-smokers, according to a report by Fiona Willan for ninemsn.

”The government requires all private health insurers to offer community-rated health insurance,” Plibersek said.

”This ensures that the premium paid by consumers for a private health insurance policy does not vary based on age or health status.

“This prevents private health insurers from discriminating between people who require more services and are more vulnerable to health expenses.”

The private health insurer, NIB, was leading health funds in a push to charge smokers more.

“We should be able to offer a discount for good healthy behaviour like not smoking and exercise,” said NIB chief executive, Mark Fitzgibbon.

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