Bulgartabac poised to acquire tobacco factory at Banja Luka

| September 25, 2012

The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Alexander Dzombic, has said that his government would do everything possible to prevent job losses at the Fabrika Duvana Banja Luka tobacco factory should it be sold to Bulgartabac Holding, according to a Srpska Republika News Agency story relayed by the TMA.

He reportedly said also that he expected negotiations on the sale would be ‘successful’.

Dzombic said that if Bulgartabac purchased the factory, it would produce cigarettes not only for the Bosnian market, but also for other markets in the region.

Labor organization leaders say that Nebojsa Antonic, the owner of Antonic Trade, which currently holds a 55 per cent stake in the factory, has stated that about 50 factory workers could lose jobs.

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