New Zerostyle smokeless tobacco products respond to consumer feedback

| September 6, 2012

Japan Tobacco Inc. is to launch three new styles of its Zerostyle brand of smokeless tobacco products.

Zerostyle started life as a cigarette-shaped product, or ‘pipe’, containing a replaceable cartridge with tobacco and flavors. It had a tapered mouthpiece and removable cap. It was not lit.

In a note posted on its website, JT said that limited quantities of Zerostyle Drive Concept, Zerostyle Off Concept and Zerostyle Night Concept, would be made available from early next month at selected retail stores acrossJapan.

Zerostyle has been well received since its launch as Zerostyle Mint in May 2010 and, in fact, JT had problems keeping up with demand in the early days of its launch.

The new products are said to have been developed following consumer feedback about the flavour, aroma and pipe design of Zerostyle.

They are offered in pouches to differentiate them from the brand’s existing product range.

As its name implies, Zerostyle Drive Concept is made to be enjoyed while driving. ‘It features a strong and brisk menthol flavor and aroma with a subdued sweetness,’ the note said. ‘The design of the pipe is inspired by the leather interior of fine cars.

‘Zerostyle Off Concept is made to be enjoyed during coffee or tea breaks. Its flavor and aroma are mild, with a clean sweetness that never tires the palate. The soft design of the pipe, inspired by interior decor, is meant to evoke images of relaxing breaks.

‘Zerostyle Night Concept is made to be enjoyed on fun nights out with friends. Its flavor and aroma are pleasantly sharp with a subtle sweet-and-sour overtone. The vivid colors of the cubic pipe design are intended to catch the eye.’

JT said it was committed to satisfying its consumers through innovation that was not bound by preconceived notions.

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