JT increases half year domestic and international cigarette shipments

| October 30, 2012

Japan Tobacco Inc.’s domestic cigarette sales volume during the six months from April to September, at 59.6 billion, was up by 17 per cent on that of April-September 2011, which was negatively affected following the earthquake of March 2011.

The company’s core revenue from domestic cigarette sales grew by 16.8 per cent to ¥335.0 billion and its adjusted EBITDA increased by 24.4 per cent to ¥154.2 billion.

Meanwhile, Japan Tobacco International’s total cigarette shipment volume during the six months from January to June, at 212.4 billion, was up by 3.7 per cent on that of January-June 2011, partly due to the acquisition of the Haggar Cigarette & Tobacco Factory Ltd.

Within that total, GFB (global flagship brand) shipment volume was increased by 7.2 per cent to 130.8 billion.

JTI’s core revenue was up by 3.7 per cent to ¥457.0 billion, and its adjusted EBITDA was increased by 6.6 per cent to ¥172.9 billion.

Including the results of its other businesses, JT’s revenue increased by 6.0 per cent to ¥1,057.4 billion and its adjusted EBITDA increased by 15.1 per cent to ¥329.1, according to consolidated financial results released today.

Operating profit was up by 25.5 per cent to ¥265.6 billion and the profit attributable to the owners of the parent increased by 17.5 per cent to ¥168.8 billion.

“Our tobacco businesses once again achieved strong results,” said JT’s president and CEO, Mitsuomi Koizumi.

“Internationally, we have achieved both GFB and total volume growth, in spite of the challenging environment, notably inWestern Europe, affecting industry volume.

“InJapan, we have been steadily recovering our market share over a short period post-earthquake through marketing efforts to strengthen brand equity.

“We will continue to prioritize business investments for sustainable future growth, as shown by our initiative to evolve Mild Seven to Mevius to strengthen brand equity and our global presence.”

JTI reported separately that its total cigarette shipment during January to September, at 327.9 billion, was up by 2.6 per on that of January-September 2011, with GFB volume up by 5.1 per cent to 202.5 billion.

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