JT rejects small amount of local tobacco after tests for radiation

| October 12, 2012

Japan Tobacco Inc. has completed its pre-purchase radioactive material testing of this year’s Japanese domestic leaf tobacco.

In the latest round of tests, the company looked at Burley and native tobacco in a total of 147 areas.

Results from 146 areas were deemed to have fallen within the JT standard value (radioactive cesium of 100 Bq/kg), while the result from one area exceeded the standard value.

JT said that it would not purchase the leaf tobacco produced in the area where the results exceeded its standard value.

Testing started in the middle of July and the first results, for flue-cured, were announced on August 14.

JT said also that it would continue with its scheme of testing domestic leaf tobacco after purchase, and testing and monitoring it a number of times at each stage of the production process.

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