Molins celebrates 100 years of service

| October 18, 2012

The Molins Machine Co. was founded on Oct. 18, 1912—exactly one hundred years ago.  The Mark 1 cigarette making machine introduced in 1928 was the first of its kind and led to a long line of machinery that became the latest standard for quality. During these years the company revolutionized the tobacco industry with innovative engineering that shaped cigarette and packaging production across the world.

Today Molins remains a prominent company in the industry with one of the largest installed bases of machinery in the world. A dedicated service to customers for spares and maintenance has fostered relationships that have endured for very many years.

“With new machinery like the Octave and Alto plus other upgrades and machinery in the pipeline, new and old customer relationships getting stronger and the same dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s clear that Molins will be around for a long time yet… perhaps even, for another hundred years,” the company wrote in a press statement.

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