Plain packaging fails to recognize adult smokers have right to choose

| October 16, 2012

The New Zealand government’s proposal to force cigarettes into ‘plain packaging’ fails to respect adult smokers who wish to run their own lives and make their own decisions, British American Tobacco New Zealand (BATNZ) has said in a press note.

“There is already universal awareness of the risks associated with smoking,” said Steve Rush, general manager BATNZ. “A large portion of the pack has graphic warnings which make the packaging very unappealing. “Plain packaging is unnecessary and a step too far.

“We agree that tobacco is harmful and needs to be regulated in a reasonable and proportionate way. But we disagree with disproportionate regulation that only serves to stigmatize and frustrate the many adult New Zealanders who have taken personal responsibility for their choice to smoke.”

BATNZ’s position is more fully expressed at:

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