Display ban challenge in Scotland

| November 22, 2012

Imperial Tobacco is to launch a Supreme Court challenge against the implementation of a cigarette display ban in Scotland, according to a story by Louise Wilson for the Edinburgh Journal.

Imperial, which is concerned about the cost to retailers of their implementing the ban and about the boost the ban will give to the illicit tobacco trade, believes the ban is anti-competitive and against the principle of adult choice.

It believes also that the Scottish government is not empowered to implement this type of ban.

“Imperial Tobacco is challenging the competence of the Scottish government to legislate for a tobacco display ban and a tobacco vending sales ban inScotland,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

“We believe that a proper interpretation of the Scotland Act reserves the power to legislate on these issues toWestminster.”

Imperial Tobacco said also there was no evidence to suggest the bans would lead to a decrease in smoking amongst young people.

“There has been no reduction on smoking in countries where similar bans have been introduced,” the spokesman said.

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