Leaf tobacco prices not keeping up with production costs in Lebanon

| November 5, 2012

Tobacco growers in Lebanon are complaining that prices are not keeping abreast of increasing production costs, according to a Beirut Daily Star story.

The Lebanese Tobacco Board has started receiving 2012 tobacco in 14 southLebanoncenters in Nabatieh, Marjayoun,Tyreand Bint Jbeil.

Prices have ranged from L£8,000 per kg for low-quality, to L£13,000 for medium-quality and to L£15,000 for high-quality leaf.

The head of the tobacco farmers’ association said in a statement that prices paid by the board had remained unchanged since last year.

“The prices did not increase from last year, despite the high quality of this year’s produce … and soaring production costs,” said Hussein Fakih.

Fakih renewed farmers’ demands for entitling them for National Social Security Fund enrolment and compensation for losses during the 2006 conflict betweenLebanonandIsrael.

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