Yunnan’s leaf crop earnings increased

| November 5, 2012

Leaf tobacco production in China’s Yunnan Province is expected this year to reach 1.1205 million tons, an increase of 92,100 tons on last year’s figure, according to a Tobacco China Online story.

By October 20, 1.08705 million tons of tobacco had been purchased and 33,650 tons of air-cured and sun-cured were still to be purchased.

Tobacco growers in the province had earned a total of Yuan24.88 billion from leaf tobacco sales, Yuan6.13 billion more than they earned last year.

And the province had paid a total of Yuan5.47 billion in leaf tobacco taxes, an increase of Yuan1.35 billion on what it paid last year.

The proportion of medium- and high-grade leaf within the tobacco purchased was 94.81 per cent, while the proportion of high-grade leaf reached 66.39 per cent.

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