Dhaka journalists take sides on tobacco

| January 29, 2013

The public debate over a bill to amend Bangladesh’s 2005 tobacco products control act seems likely to be one sided.

Ruhul Amin Rushd, convenor of the Anti-Tobacco Media Alliance, a journalists’ platform said to represent all media outlets in Dhaka, was reported by bdnews24.com to have said that his organization was demanding tough laws to curb tobacco use.

It wanted the amending bill to be passed during the current session of parliament, which started on Sunday.

If the bill is passed, tobacco companies will have to include pictorial warnings covering 50 per cent of the two major faces of tobacco packs.

At the same time, smoking would be banned in certain public places, though provision would be allowed for designated smoking sections.

As was reported here yesterday, however, anti-tobacco lobbyists are calling for this provision to be ousted from the bill.

They don’t want any provision to be made for smokers.

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