Enhancing the ‘tobacco’ satisfaction delivered by electronic cigarettes

| January 9, 2013

Fuisz LLC said yesterday that it would launch early this year a new oral lozenge designed to enhance the tobacco satisfaction delivered by electronic cigarettes, according to a PRNewswire story.

The product, which is protected by a patent pending, is designed also to enhance THC absorption from medical marijuana.

‘The extraordinary growth in electronic cigarette consumption at the expense of conventional cigarettes is perceived as [a] large net positive for public health,’ Joseph Fuisz , the managing member of Fuisz, was quoted as saying.

‘However, the e-cigarette industry is still struggling to enhance tobacco satisfaction from what is essentially a buccal delivery product. That means that nicotine absorption is occurring across the oral mucosa in the mouth as opposed to the lung. ‘As a result, the nicotine levels delivered by an e-cigarette are much lower (Cmax) and slower to build (Tmax) than the nicotine levels delivered by a traditional cigarette.

‘Our new oral dosage unit contains a number of agents designed to enhance the speed and level of tobacco satisfaction from the electronic cigarette.

‘Best of all, the product works dramatically.’

Fuisz said that the lozenge contained no tobacco, nicotine or other active drug ingredient.

It would be marketed, he added, under Frisz’ yet-to-be-announced trade name through conventional retail channels.

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