Free download for ending addiction

| January 24, 2013

The authors of ‘Ending addiction for good: The groundbreaking, holistic, evidence-based way to transform your life’ are offering a free download from January 23 to 27, according to a PRNewswire press note.

They are said to be hoping to spread the word about this addiction treatment program that has ‘already helped hundreds of addicts to achieve long-term recovery and thrive’.

The press note says that almost everyone these days is touched by addiction and that the book offers a ‘cutting-edge protocol’ for ending addictions to: drugs, alcohol, prescription painkillers, smoking, gambling, sex and pornography.

The methods outlined in the book are said to work also in treating conditions such as: depression, eating disorders, anxiety and sleep disorders.

In Ending Addiction for Good, Richard Taite and Constance Scharff, PhD, both former addicts, champion the Stages of Change model created by psychologist Dr. James Prochaska.

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