Getting the electronic message across

| January 15, 2013

SKYCIG, which claims to be the UK’s leading distributor of electronic cigarettes, was due yesterday to launch the first UK television advert for such products, according to a PRNewswire release.

The TV commercial, showcasing SKYSTART, SKYCIG’s latest product offering, was said to be about to change the way consumers were exposed to the electronic cigarette industry.

‘The advert, produced by Povey Sindall Media, is a great achievement for the brand,
especially since advertising tobacco and smoking related products on TV has been banned since the early 1970s,’ the release said.

The screening of the advertisement is said to have coincided with the release of figures indicating that there are an estimated 600,000 electronic cigarette users in the UK.

The UK’s electronic cigarette market is predicted to be worth £250m by 2014.

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