Health and fitness for smokers

| January 10, 2013

Given all of the bad press that smoking receives, it might seem something of a contradiction that a book should be published on health and fitness for smokers.

But, according to a Piece of Cake PR release, ‘A Smoker’s Guide to Health and Fitness’ by brother and sister authors, Dr. Tamir Katz and Hila Katz, addresses the ‘total physical and mental health needs of current and former smokers, making it a unique health resource that can improve the lives of tens of millions of people’.

Hila Katz was quoted in the release as saying that she and her brother aimed to give smokers the information and guidance they needed to make positive changes to their lifestyle and health.

‘Ideally all smokers would quit, but if they don’t wish to or find that they can’t there are still things they can do to help reduce the risk of smoking-related illnesses,’ she said.

‘We also believe that in making positive changes in other areas of their life (such as exercise, diet, and stress reduction) they may be more apt to smoke less or quit entirely.’

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