Research will focus on addressing the problem of menthol use in Minnesota

| January 18, 2013

Two new research projects are to look at how to address ‘the problem of menthol use in Minnesota’.

According to a PRNewswire story, the ClearWay Minnesota (CWM) board of directors has approved two new research grants totalling $360,628 that will fund studies at the University of Minnesota and the Public Health Law Center examining menthol cigarettes in Minnesota.

“We know menthol cigarettes increase smoking initiation among youth, make it harder for smokers to break free of addiction, and are disproportionately marketed to ethnic minorities,” said CWM CEO, David Willoughby.

“These new studies will help identify ways to address the problem of menthol use in Minnesota.”

Another grant, also for a menthol-focused research project, was approved by the board in November.

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