Russians oppose ban on smoking in public places, want more quit advice

| January 18, 2013

Most Russians do not support the government’s move to impose a complete ban on tobacco smoking in public places and believe its emphasis should be on helping smokers quit, according to an RT TV/TV Novosti story.

An anti-smoking bill is due to be tabled for its second reading at the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, on January 25.

According to a survey conducted by the LevadaCenter in November, the results of which were published yesterday, only between 18 and 31 per cent of respondents supported an outright tobacco smoking ban in workplaces, airports, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Up to 75 per cent believe public smoking should be restricted to specially designated areas.

About 55 per cent of respondents said the government should focus more on informing smokers about how to quit their habit.

And only 20 per cent said higher prices, taxes and fines were effective anti-smoking measures.

The Duma passed the anti-smoking bill at its first reading last month, but since then Russian lawmakers have proposed adding further restrictions to the bill, in particular to a ban on work-place smoking rooms and on showing cigarettes on television and in films.

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