Unpacking C48 cases with alacrity

| January 8, 2013

Hauni’s new high-speed C48 unpacking station, the TH, is efficient, dependable and flexible, with an availability rating of close to 100 per cent, according to a company press note.

‘This new linear-axis unpacking station is able to unpack an average of 60 to 75 C48 boxes per hour – the maximum possible rate is 90,’ the note said. ‘Boxes can contain tobacco bales weighing anything up to 250 kg.

‘Two opposite lines, which can be handled by a single operator, remove the straps and paper liners, simultaneously performing an optical scan to check the quality of the tobacco. ‘Substandard bales can be removed simply by reversing the conveyor belt.

‘The operator has a sturdy platform to stand on and is not required to lift heavy boxes or fold up empty ones. The easy-to-operate TH takes both these jobs off his hands, and even places the automatically folded boxes in neat piles on europallets.’

The system is said to require a minimum of maintenance and to offer an availability figure close to 100 per cent.

It is said to be very reasonably priced compared with systems such as multi-axis robots. It features low life-cycle costs and miserly power consumption, which add up to an ‘excellent cost-to-benefit ratio’.

‘TH is easily integrated into any production line,’ the note said. ‘It has a small footprint and the versatility needed for conversion to different box sizes. Lengthwise and transverse box feed are both possible.

‘Apart from offering a range of optional extras, Hauni can also equip the unit with a barcode reader or an alternative identification system to simplify product tracking and tracing during the unpacking process.’

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