New pouch manufacturing solution from TDC

| February 7, 2013

osirisTechnical Development Corp. (TDC) of the Netherlands, a sister company of International Tobacco Machinery, has developed the Osiris, a new nonstop inline pouch-manufacturing machine.

Using advanced and reliable technology, the machine can produce perfectly shaped pouches without compromising flexibility, according to TDC.

The Osiris can produce pouches with a variety of specifications. Width and height settings can be easily adjusted. The Osiris can accommodate a range of optional, customer-specific modules for pricing labels, booklet stickers, zip applications or additional sealing.

The Osiris can be directly connected with the Isis pouch packer or integrated within an existing Isis line. If desired, pre-made pouches can be manually fed into the Isis. Without any conversion the Isis pouch packing line changes from mainstream to small batch production.

Double bobbin holders, an automatic bobbin splicer and an easy-to-use operator panel make Osiris a user-friendly pouch-making solution.

The Osiris strengthens TDC’s portfolio, which also includes the Ibis tobacco weigher, Isis pouch packer and Anubis bundle machine.

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