NewCo provides $50-a-container support for projects in three producer countries

| February 27, 2013

NewCo has said that for each container it ships to its clients during 2013, it will donate $50 to one of three foundations chosen by the client.

The company said in a press note yesterday that it had decided to donate money to those who needed help ‘in their lives and in their development’.

Together with its global business partners and colleagues, the company had identified three sectors in which it would like to provide aid: education, health and the environment.

And specifically for 2013 NewCo has chosen the following projects:

* In the Guntur region of India it is supporting schools, especially those for the blind and the mentally and physically handicapped.

* In the Kushtia region of Bangladesh it is supporting education, acute medical care, and the treatment and rehabilitation of sick, injured, disabled and destitute women and children.

* In the Namadzi region of Malawi it is supporting a Wellness Clinic focused on HIV education, counseling and health, as well as on family planning. A crèche will allow mothers to go to work and leave their children in a safe environment.

More information about these projects is under the social responsibility section of NewCo’s website at

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