Concern in Poland over proposed new Tobacco Products Directive

| April 8, 2013

A member of the European Parliament has asked the EU Commission whether it has any plans to help if the revisions to its Tobacco Products Directive negatively affect Polish tobacco farmers.

Michał Tomasz Kamiński, representing Poland, said in a written question that the new draft directive would ban menthol and slim cigarettes.

“Revenue from tobacco production in Poland accounts for 36 percent of all revenue from agricultural products, and the country is the largest exporter of tobacco products in the EU,” he said.

“The new directive may be detrimental not only to the Polish agriculture sector, but also to the country’s entire economy and to the prosperity of its citizens.

“In addition, it may boost the black market in this sector.”

Kamiński then asked:

  • “What is the most up-to-date status of work on the Tobacco Products Directive?
  • “What is the commission’s assessment of the impact of the potential changes on tobacco markets in Europe, including the Polish market?
  • “If the new directive comes into force, does the EU have any solutions to the possible negative effects it may have on Polish farmers?”

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