In England, not seeing is believing

| April 5, 2013

England’s  tobacco products display ban helped smokers quit, according to a new study.

One in four young people who gave up smoking last year said the ban on displaying tobacco products in large shops helped them quit, a survey found, according to a story posted on the London24 website. Just over 25 percent of ex-smokers between the ages of 18 and 24 said that keeping the products hidden had encouraged them to kick the habit.

On April 6 of last year supermarkets and other large shops were prohibited from displaying cigarette packs to the public. The poll of 1,000 former and 1,000 current smokers – commissioned by health insurance firm PruHealth – also found the measure had helped 17 percent of all smokers cut down on the amount they smoke.

At present, the display ban only affects large shops such as supermarkets—smaller shops do not have to change the displays until 2015.

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