JT’s new smokeless product has stronger menthol flavor

| April 12, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc. said today that it will relaunch from late May its Zerostyle Mint smokeless tobacco product with improved flavor and aroma, and a redesigned pack.

The relaunched product, Zerostyle Blue Mint, which is due to be rolled out across Japan, will have the same flavour and aroma as that of Zerostyle Drive Concept, which proved popular with consumers when it was launched in limited quantities in October 2012.

JT said in a press note posted on its website that Zerostyle Drive Concept had proved popular because of its “brisk and strong menthol flavor and aroma,” combined with a “subdued sweetness.”

The new product will retail in a pack whose design is based on that of Zerostyle Mint but that uses a blue color tone to reflect the brisker, stronger menthol flavour.

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