Aficionados set to storm cigar auction

| June 4, 2013

With the UK’s spring having been officially declared the coldest on record, the organizers of a cigar auction in London have moved quickly to assure people of the event’s all-weather credentials.

“Cigar smoking has now become, for many, a seasonal experience, for it’s difficult to keep your Havana alight in the pouring rain, wind, or snow, when you’re forced to smoke outside in London or anywhere else,” said Mitchell Orchant, managing director of C.Gars.

“If the present sunny dry weather continues, our clients will be able to sit outside on Boisdale’s cigar terrace and enjoy a fine smoke while they bid for some £300,000-worth of vintage, rare and mature cigars and cigar-related Lots at C.Gars Ltd’s 8th Vintage Cigar Auction.

“And if it rains, they can sit inside a non-smoking room and save their cigars for the post-auction drinks and canapés. The first option is preferable but whatever happens at least they’ll be among smoking-tolerant friends. And it’s always great fun to meet up with other cigar enthusiasts and compare notes on what you’ve invested in, cigar-wise.

“The weather, good or bad, certainly won’t stop some of the world’s wealthiest cigar aficionados from making the trip to London’s Docklands to keep their humidors filled with some of the finest hand-rolled cigars on the planet.”

More information on the June 10 auction is at:

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