Cigarette pack parrots noisome motto

| July 2, 2013

A researcher at the Centre for Tobacco Control Research at Stirling University in Scotland has incorporated into a cigarette pack a verbal health warning that is parroted every time the pack is opened, according to a piece in The Drum.

The research was apparently funded by Cancer Research UK in an effort to harness the “marketing tools of the tobacco industry” to help smokers quit.

“The tobacco industry buys a great deal of creative expertise to market its addictive and lethal products to new consumers, mainly young people,” ASH’s Sheila Duffy was quoted as saying in welcoming the development.

Meanwhile, Crawford Moodie said people thought his invention was annoying, “but that is a really good way to capture attention,” he added.

Perhaps, but not if too many people react in the same way as did the only person to have commented on the story by the time that TR read the piece by John Glenday.

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