Flue-cured field day set for September 5

| August 23, 2013

The Virovitica-based Hrvatski Duhani is to host the Flue-cured Tobacco Field Day 2013 in Croatia on Sept. 5.

This, the 14th such event, will start on Sept. 4 with a welcome dinner at the Pustara Višnjica hotel.

Sept. 5 will be devoted to visiting tobacco fields and trials.

In announcing the event, Hrvatski Duhani said it had made a lot of effort this year to improve its tobacco production in Podravina and Slawonia by reducing costs and improving quality.

The company said it wanted to use the event to present the results of its tobacco trials and raise the awareness of farmers, scientists and customers about its achievements in introducing new technology and breeding new varieties.

Further information about the field day can be obtained from Zlatko Plesa at zlatko.plesa@hrvatskiduhani.hr.

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