Hi-Lite products change allegiance

| August 27, 2013

In what seems to be a pre-emptive strike against possible future product descriptor limitations, Japan Tobacco Inc. is bringing two of its Hi-Lite products under the Winston brand name.

In many markets, though not in Japan, words such as “mild” and “light/lite” have been banned from use in respect of tobacco products and, in what was a bold move, JT changed the name of its Japan-market flagship brand, Mild Seven, to Mevius earlier this year.

JT said yesterday that Hi-Lite Inazma Menthol 8 Box and Hi-Lite Inazma Menthol One Box, which had been very popular for their super strong menthol sensation, would be re-launched in early December as Winston XS Inazma Menthol 8 Box and Winston XS Inazma Menthol One Box, with the same flavor and aroma.

“First launched in the United States in 1954, Winston is sold in over 100 countries including Japan, making it the world’s second-largest brand,” the company said in a note posted on its website.

“The XS series, launched by Winston in 2009, has enjoyed rapid growth in many markets worldwide, with its stylish and modern designs being well-received by consumers.

“The current Hi-Lite Inazma Menthol series will become part of the global Winston brand and be re-launched as Winston’s XS series, making its first appearance in Japan.”

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