Hole in one for Iggesund’s Invercote

| October 30, 2013

The latest cover of Novum magazine has lifted Invercote paperboard from support act to starring role.

The starting point for the cover of the German graphic magazine’s October issue is a tribute to typography. The designer, Clormann Design, played with letters in various typefaces to create a delicate pattern that was then laser cut from the board.

“We knew this would require a paper material with unusual strength in order for it to stay together at all, so we deliberately chose to make the cover of Invercote, the paperboard from Iggesund Paperboard,” explained Christian Deppisch, a journalist at Novum.

The paperboard used was Invercote G 240 g/m2 laminated with Brushprint Silver foil. The foil side of the paperboard was used as the inside of the cover but also as a flap so that the foil would function as the background for the laser-cut pattern. A copper shade was printed onto the silver foil, and a pattern was created during the printing process by letting the silver shine through.

“The designer also wanted to play with the contrasts between shiny and matte, in this case the difference between the shiny foil and Invercote G’s uncoated reverse side,” said Deppisch.

“The delicate pattern is really a challenge, and with most other materials the pattern would risk being torn to pieces even before it reached its recipient. But for this particular job the choice of material was perfect.”

Clormann Design worked with the cutting and stamping specialists Stigler of Munich for the laser cutting. Kessler Druck+Medien did the printing and binding.

A video of how the cover was produced is at: http://vimeo.com/74141756.

The holey grail of covers – achievable with Invercote. Photo by Rolf Andersson.

The holey grail of covers – achievable with Invercote.
Photo by Rolf Andersson.

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