E-cigarette users making Logic choice

| November 20, 2013

Logic Technology says that it has secured the number-two spot for e-cigarettes in convenience stores nationwide across the U.S.

The e-cigarette manufacturer was quoting the results of the latest unit share report from Nielsen’s C-Track Database and Wells Fargo Securities.

It said that it had seen a steady increase in sales in recent months and was now the top ranking independent e-cigarette company.

“Logic now commands 19.8 percent of the category, as one of three key players within the industry,” the company said in a press note. “This news follows a recent report issued by the Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research Division stating that the market appears to be consolidating relatively quickly into three e-cig brands, including Logic, and that retailers have embraced the electronic cigarette category, seeing double-digit to triple-digit sales growth.”

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