Japan’s growers to receive 0.84 percent more for 2014 crop than for 2012 crop

| November 12, 2013

Japan’s 2014 leaf tobacco crop will be grown on 8,964 ha, down by 2.7 percent on the area under tobacco this year, 9,245 ha, which was down by 1.4 percent on that of 2012.

The flue-cured production area, at 5,805 ha, will be down by 98 ha or 1.7 percent; the burley production area, at 3,135 ha, will be down by 144 ha or 4.4 percent; and the domestic variety production area, at 24 ha, will be down by 3 ha or 11.1 percent.

The Leaf Tobacco Deliberative Council announced last week its annual determinations for local tobacco cultivation areas and grower prices for 2014 in response to a proposal submitted by Japan Tobacco Inc.

The council comprises no more than 11 members appointed by JT with the approval of the minister of finance from among representatives of leaf tobacco growers and academics.

The council was said to have been in general agreement with JT’s proposal.

The average grower price for all types will be set at ¥1,906.47 per kg for the 2014 crop.

This was the same price that was set for this year’s crop, which itself was increased only by 0.84 percent on that of the previous year.

Including the results of its international tobacco business and its nontobacco businesses, JT’s April–September revenue, announced on Oct. 31, increased by 9.6 percent to ¥1,159.1 billion.

Operating profit was up by 30.8 percent to ¥347.4 billion, and the profit attributable to the owners of the parent increased by 40.5 percent to ¥237.1 billion.

The day before the announcement of its first-half consolidated results, JTI said that it was cutting its domestic workforce by about 1,600 people, and closing factories, sales offices and its vending machine division.

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