Ploom sales kick off on Japanese website

| December 24, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc. has announced that on-line sales of Ploom vaporizers started today through the Ploom Online Shop operated by JT Creative Service.

Originally, the start date for on-line sales had been set as December 12, but it was delayed at the last minute because of technical difficulties.

The Ploom vaporizer is a pocket-sized smoking alternative device that heats tobacco contained in pods to a constant temperature, vaporizing nicotine and flavors without burning the materials or producing smoke.

In December 2011, Japan Tobacco International and the San Francisco-based Ploom announced that they had entered into an exclusive, long-term co-operation agreement under which JTI would commercialize Ploom’s new generation of ‘smoking alternative products’ outside the US.

Ploom was launched – outside the US – in Austria in May, since when JTI has introduced it also in Korea and Italy.


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