VUSE electronic cigarettes to be shown at Consumer Electronics Show in US

| December 17, 2013

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co is due to showcase its VUSE® digital vapor cigarette to a global audience at the 2014 international Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The CES will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, from January 7 to January 10.

‘Designed and assembled in the U.S. using state-of-the-art automated equipment, VUSE is the world’s first and only digital vapor cigarette (e-cigarette),’ according to a press note posted on RJR Vapor’s website.

‘VUSE provides a consistent and superior experience for adult tobacco consumers because it contains Smart Technology™ – a digital microprocessor that works in conjunction with a smart memory chip to control major aspects of product performance, from vapor delivery to battery management.’

Meanwhile, Stephanie Cordisco, president of RJR Vapor, said that VUSE, with its cutting-edge design, was a game changer for adult tobacco consumers and the vapor industry as a whole. “We are excited to be at CES to showcase the innovative technology that enables VUSE to provide the perfect puff, first time, every time,” he said.

VUSE has been available in Colorado since July, where it quickly became the best-selling vapor product.

Cordisco said that following the positive results in Colorado, the company would expand the VUSE line to Utah in January, before planned national distribution by mid-2014.

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