New leaf processing alliance in Turkey

| March 13, 2014

Alliance One’s Turkish subsidiary and Öz-Ege have formed a joint-venture processing and storage facility in Turkey.

Under the agreement, Alliance One Tütün and Öz-Ege Tütün will each contract with Oryantal Tütün Paketleme Sanayi for oriental tobacco processing and storage, while continuing to maintain separate farmer contracting, agronomy, buying and selling operations.

Oryantal Tütün’s facility is at Torbali, Izmir.

“To drive improved value for our customers, we have developed this processing and storage joint venture in our modern efficient facility,” said Mahmut Özgener, chairman of Öz-Ege’s board of directors. “We look forward to the mutual benefits with AOT that this joint venture solidifies.”

Meanwhile, Christian Cypher, Alliance One’s regional director for Europe, described Öz-Ege as a strong partner and said that together the two companies were focused on a strategic alliance that would further strengthen and provide viability for the “Turkish oriental market and the dedicated Turkish oriental farmer.”

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