Funding sought for quitting device

| April 1, 2014

The designer of a new smoking cessation device is seeking funding through the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo, according to a press note issued through PRNewswire.

Mynus is said to be a “small, sleek-looking device” that “will allow anyone to once and for all wean themselves off of cigarettes, while eliminating virtually all humanly detectable second and third-hand smoke and odor.”

The note said that users placed a cigarette into the device and inserted also one of the Ten Disk System metering disks, which control the amount of smoke and nicotine that is inhaled while smoking.

“The disks allow smokers to adjust their intake anywhere from 100 percent to just 10 percent of the smoke produced by the cigarette,” the press note said.

“Smokers incrementally reduce the amount of smoke and nicotine they inhale by changing discs over time—increasing the ratio of fresh, outside air being mixed with the smoke.

“When they are down to inhaling only 10 percent of a cigarette’s smoke, the next step is quitting altogether.”

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